Obituaries and Funerals

The RAF Catering Association has a book of remembrance where the names of our fallen comrades are recorded. The poem below was produced by Yorkie King and is a combination of his own work, some lines from David Hanley.

From Old Blighty to old Hong Kong, from Berlin to Belize, One chef always will appear in heatwave and in freeze. He may be old, he may be young, he may be fat or skinny, The lads all laugh as he goes by, the chef in his pinny! He’s just the bloke who burns the toast, Who moans the least and does the most, Who rises to the bugles call, and leaves the camp behind them all! He feeds the lads on exercise, from breakfast thru till tea, He feeds the chaps in messes too, so versatile is he. His hat may not be smart like yours, his boots may not be bulled, But don’t be fooled by lack of shine his senses haven’t dulled! From deep inside a sense of pride will keep him in the good, And when he says he couldn’t care, you know he really could! So if your chef is in the field or back at home or on his course, Be proud to know you knew a chap who was the back-bone of the FORCES!!!

RAFCA coffin cover
Date: 5th March 2013
Lost Comrade: Neil Lloyd, RIP Chef
Date: 8th November 2014
Lost Comrade: Ken Brooker, RIP Chef
Date: 22nd January 2015
Lost Comrade: Joe Docherty, RIP Chef
Date: 22nd October 2017
Lost Comrade: Pierre Padilla, RIP
Date: 28th December 2017
Lost Comrade: Ron Box, RIP
Date: 11th September 2019
Lost Comrade: WO R’td Charlie (Chas) Sinclair – ex-Boy Entrant, RIP Charlie
November 2019
Lost Comrade: Flt Sgt Morris Mckay
Date: 18th November 2019
Lost Comrade: Sgt Chef, Dave Thatcher
Date:9th May 2020
Lost Comrade : David Johnson Chef
Date: 24th August 2020
Lost Comrade: Tom McDonald (Paddy) Chefç
Date: 3rd February 2021
Lost Comrade: Sgt Les Holmes,
Date: 6th March 2021
Lost Comrade: WO R’td Charlie (Chas) Sinclair, Chef
Date:17th May 2021 Lost Comrade : WO R’td Derek Espie Chef
Date:22nd Apr 2020
Lost Comrade : Michael Marner Chef
Date: 7th January 2014
Lost Comrade: Mick Dwyer, RIP Chef
Date: 18th January 2015
Lost Comrade: Al Smith, Rip Chef
Date: 15th October 2017
Lost Comrade: Ian Munro, RIP Chef
Date: 4th November 2017
Lost Comrade: Frances Boon’s wife , RIP
Date: 27th December 2017
Lost Comrade: Roger (Scouse) Mills, RIP
Date: 2nd October 2019
Lost Comrade: WO R’td Peter (Pete) Knight – ex-Boy Entrant, RIP Pete
Date: 17th January 2020
Lost Comrade: WO Chef, Jim Hannis
Date: May 2020
Lost Comrade: John Carver, TBC…
Date 7th February 2021
Lost Comrade: CORMACK COYLE steward
Date: 7th February 2021
Lost Comrade: Fay Cole nee wright, Stewardess
Date: 31st March 2021
Lost Comrade: WO R’td Bob Rose, Boy Entrant 1960, Chef
Pantelis 1st August 2020
Lost Comrade: Pastry Chef, JRM RAF Akrotiri
Date:26th May 2021 Lost Comrade : Wo R’td Dick Aikens
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