Obituaries, Deaths and Funerals The RAF Catering Association has a book of remembrance where the names of our fallen comrades are recorded. The poem below was produced by Yorkie King and is a combination of his own work, some lines from David Hanley.
From Old Blighty to old Hong Kong, from Berlin to Belize, One chef always will appear in heatwave and in freeze. He may be old, he may be young, he may be fat or skinny, The lads all laugh as he goes by, the chef in his pinny! He's just the bloke who burns the toast, Who moans the least and does the most, Who rises to the bugles call, and leaves the camp behind them all! He feeds the lads on exercise, from breakfast thru till tea, He feeds the chaps in messes too, so versatile is he. His hat may not be smart like yours, his boots may not be bulled, But don't be fooled by lack of shine his senses have'nt dulled! From deep inside a sense of pride will keep him in the good, And when he says he couldn't care, you know he really could! So if your chef is in the field or back at home or on his course, Be proud to know you knew a chap who was the back-bone of the FORCES!!!
Date: 5th March 2013 From: Chris Maddox Lost Comrade: Neil Lloyd Really sad news about Neil Lloyd, excellent operator, good chef and even nicer guy. RIP mate
Date: 7th January 2014 From: Phil Wilkins Lost Comrade: Mick Dwyer Mick died in his sleep on New Years Eve. His funeral will take place on Wed 15 Jan at 15:15hrs at Gilrose, Leicester.
Date: 8th November 2014 From: Kevin Brooker Lost Comrade: Obituary - H4033159 Flight Sergeant Ken Brooker It is with great sadness that his family announce the passing of retired Flight Sergeant Ken Brooker. Born in 1930 and growing up in Hounslow, Kens initial encounter with the military theme that would dominate his life both working and in retirement was perhaps, in the Boys Brigade. Ken signed joined the Royal Air Force in 1948 and continued to do so with an unblemished record, for the next 26 years until he retired as Flight Sergeant in 1975. His postings included Halton (x3), AFCENT (Holland), Henlow, Masirah and Spittlegate. We were surprised to discover within his souvenirs he was mentioned twice in the Birthday Honours List and had received numerous commendations from Station Commanders, both RAF and US, not only for his professional culinary skills but also his organisational and managerial talents and his willingness to go beyond what was required to do his best for all concerned. Letters from his colleagues confirm that his kitchens and dining rooms were always well run and friendly places. Perhaps this was because Ken was a man who would go out of his way to help anyone never expecting anything in return except perhaps a thank you. He continued working in civvy street until, at 64, he retired slightly early due to his mother failing health. Ken took an active part in the British Legion as soon as he retired from the RAF, becoming Chairman of the Aston Clinton Branch and was organiser of the Poppy Appeal right up until he was diagnosed with the cancer in February this year. It's apparent from the support and messages of condolence from his friends in the British Legion, the Aston Clinton Horticultural Society, Bedgrove clubs and many, many individuals that to all those who came to know him, Ken was not only a gentle man but a true Gentleman as well. Kevin Brooker ( a very proud son)
Date: 15th December 2014 From: Barbara Williamson Lost Comrade: Obituary - B414992 Warrant officer Danny Boon He has recently passed away Sat 13 Dec 2014 at Lincoln hospital. We are planning a small family service in Sleaford where we and my parents live. If anyone wishes to contact me please use this email address. Many thanks, Babs Williamson
Date: 18th January 2015 From: Sarah Virtue Lost Comrade: Al Smith Sad news im afraid .... Al smith ex raf steward to my knowledge mostly raf Brize Norton based was found dead in his home last Tuesday .... So very young terrible news ... Rip xx
Date: 18th January 2015 From: Sarah Virtue Lost Comrade: Al Smith Sad news im afraid .... Al smith ex raf steward to my knowledge mostly raf Brize Norton based was found dead in his home last Tuesday .... So very young terrible news ... Rip xx
Date: 22nd January 2015 From: Chris Blowman Lost Comrade: Joe Docherty Passed away last year RIP
Date: 15th October 2017 From: Christine Jones Sad to announce the passing of Ex Warrant Officer Chef Ian Munro in Elgin , Moray on Friday 13/10/17 , a day before his 81st Birthday. Funeral arrangements to be confirmed. RIP SIR .
Date: 22nd October 2017 From: Andy King Sad to announce the passing of Ex Steward, Pierre Padilla died at the age of 54. RIP

Date: 4th November 2017 From: Babs williamson


I am sad to announce that B4149992 w/o Danny Boon's wife Frances passed away today 4 Nov 2017 at Lincoln county hospital she was diagnosed with terminal cancer on the 28th Sep 2017 and bravely chose no intervention, she was the driving force behind her husband for many years and a professional as he was .


Babs has asked that I pass on this on to the members who might remember them both . Many thanks

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