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Royal Air Force Catering Association
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´╗┐Forename Surname Postcode Country Like to become full member Like Info Posted on RAFCA web site Rank on leaving Can Login? Email Landline Number Mobile Number Member Type Date of Enlistment Service Number
David Hanley LN6 8EJ UK Yes Yes SAC TRUE members.member@rafca.co.uk 07980 287830 administrator P8179591
Adrian  (Beau) Jones sn110ql Yes Yes SGT FALSE portlandwarrior11@yahoo.co.uk 01249 811119 7403645091 members
Alan Moor ng172de Yes Yes WO FALSE gamoor62@hotmail.co.uk 07400003366 7400003366 members
Alan Marsh GL514TF Yes Yes Sgt FALSE almarsh61@hotmail.co.uk 01242697603 7795552854 members
alan day ng33 5sp Yes Yes WO FALSE ajday1948@gmail.com 01572767613 1572767613 members
Alan Pearce NR6 5EB Yes Yes CPL FALSE arpearce@hotmail.com 07561343934 7561343934 members
Andrew Taylorson Gl1 4Lz Yes Yes Sgt FALSE Andytaylorson@hotmail.com 01452690103 7973631847 members
Andy Blezard MK41 6DX Yes Yes Cpl FALSE andrewblezard@yahoo.co.uk 01234 954023 07939 608096 members
Andy Blezard MK41 6DX Yes Yes Cpl FALSE andrewblezard@yahoo.co.uk 1234954023 07939 608906 members
Andy Hartley LS25 7HQ Yes Yes SAC FALSE andrewhartley@btinternet.com 07505 620340 07505 620340 members
Arnie Robinson sn15 4st Yes Yes Sgt FALSE arnie_rob456@yahoo.co.uk 01249891589 7745453898 members
Barry Crosthwaite BT41 1LN Yes Yes SAC FALSE baz7677@live.co.uk n/a 7892779213 members
Barry Higgs 7737 Yes Yes cpl FALSE bahiggs@live.com n/a 00357 99 298723 members
Bill Brogan GY1 1YJ Yes Yes Sgt FALSE bbrogan@cwgsy.net 01481 729360 07781 104920 members
Bill Evans Ip31 3eq Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Frankevanscatering@yahoo.co.uk 01359258373 N/a members
Bill Evans Ip31 3eq Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Frankevanscatering@yahoo.co.uk 01359 258373 N/a members
Brian Higgins Np19 9fu Yes Yes Cpl FALSE brian.higgins43@ntlworld.com 01633 765165 7804494296 members
Chris Hillard SN2 1AR Yes Yes Cpl FALSE chrisnjan.421@virginmedia.com 01793337842 7913246587 members
Chris Hillard SN2 1AR Yes Yes Cpl FALSE chrisnjan.421@virginmedia.com 01793337942 7913246587 members
Christine Brackpool Pe8 6en Yes Yes Sac FALSE Christinebrackpool01@hotmail.com 01780 783375 7543409973 members
Christine Brackpool nee Croft Pe8 6en Yes Yes Sac FALSE Christinebrackpool01@hotmail.com 01780 783375 7543995 members
Christopher Martin TF1 2LP Yes Yes Corporal FALSE Martin.christopher7@sky.com 01952 798015 07975 744167 members
clive tolley FY6 0HB Yes Yes cpl FALSE dianetolley52@gmail.co.uk 01253 813052 7789632357 members
Darren Allsop S64 0NQ Yes Yes Cpl FALSE allsopallsop@aol.com 07985579297 7985579297 members
Darren McArdle Np235NW Yes Yes Cpl FALSE darren.mcardle6@btinternet.com N/a 7713155048 members
David Atkinson Rg24 9pe Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE d-atkinson7@sky.com 01256 221573 7852174232 associatemembers TBC
David Barnes CF62 3BF Yes Yes Sgt FALSE david.barnes282@yahoo.com 01446710262 7766753234 members
David Cox TR9 6JL Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE davidcox060@me.com 01637889048 7402972582 members
david evans IP24 1TL Yes Yes SAC FALSE evansheadchef@aol.com 01842820209 7825581197 members
David Fitzgerald SA5 7BP Yes Yes Cpl FALSE fitzgerald.d@hotmail.co.uk 01792 218971 7731642265 members
David Greenwood WF10 4DQ Yes Yes SAC FALSE djg330@gmail.comm 0 07805 400634 members
David Hanley TW12 2PH Yes Yes SAC FALSE dazviper@sky.com United Kingdom 7980287830 executivemember
David Nelson WN5 7AY Yes Yes SAC FALSE davie.nelson1984@gmail.com 01942741380 7912159785 members
David Rawlinson PE7 8GN Yes Yes Corporal FALSE Blackbull1@hotmail.co.uk 01733 248552 7799036437 members
David Tierney Pr41rx No Yes Sergeant FALSE Debbietierney24@btinternet.com 01772679359 7526615040 members
David Morris Iv308up Yes No Sqn ldr FALSE d.morris411@btinternet.com 01343850411 7798816157 members
Dennis Magee YO25 6SU Yes Yes Cpl FALSE denniswjtmagee@hotmail.co.uk 01377240522 7932175965 members
Derrick Monk Ip51dw Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE pauline.monk1@btinternet.com 01473 716432 07837 255878 members
Don McIntyre CF382EF Yes Yes CPL FALSE don.mcintyre@hotmail.co.uk 01443244838 7828120277 members
dougie coull DA163HP Yes Yes SAC FALSE douglas.coull@crick.ac.uk 07874450304 7974450304 members
Frank Millican NG34 7GX Yes Yes Warrant Officer FALSE nuttywillow70@gmail.com 01529 413805 7850159014 members
Gary Washbrook DL7 9NJ Yes Yes Not left yet FALSE Washbrook_33@hotmail.com Don't have one 7728802644 members
Gary Watts PE9 2TN Yes Yes WO FALSE gary@garywatts.me.uk 01780762386 7749108762 members
Gary Watts PE9 2TN Yes Yes WO ( Still in until 3rd Sep 17) FALSE gary@garywatts.me.uk 01780762386 7749108762 members
George Garriock NE289TE Yes Yes Sac FALSE Georgegarriock@yahoo.co.uk 0191 2624685 7828688829 members
Gerald Smith CW121DP Yes No Sac FALSE gerald.smith47@yahoo.com 01260 642153 77772464889 members
Gerard Starr WV10 8EB Yes Yes SAC FALSE Gerardstarr@hotmail.co.uk 07977008291 7977008291 members
Gerrie Maber SA7 9HN No Yes SACW FALSE cwmcyrnachisaf@hotmail.co.uk Na 7933740266 members
Gerry Smith CW12 1DP Yes Yes Sac FALSE gerald.smith47@yahoo.com 01260642153 7772464889 members
Graham Bowpitt Po7 7td Yes Yes SAC FALSE gbowpitt@yahoo.com 02392231617 7906608805 members
Graham Cameron IV2 3TB Yes Yes CPL FALSE grhamcam@uwclub.net 01463225896 7784470671 members Delete
Graham Cameron IV23TB Yes Yes CPL FALSE grhamcam@uwclub.net 01463 225896 7784470671 members Delete
Graham Newell EX8 3AR Yes Yes Cpl FALSE grahamnewell26@yahoo.co.uk 01395742366 7474908909 members
Grant Lawrie LN69NZ Yes Yes FS FALSE grantlawrie@hotmail.com 07885828793 7885828793 members
Gwilym Jones LE13 0EB Yes Yes Warrant Officer FALSE gijones710@gmail.com 01664564488 7990794931 members
Heather Hitchen FY51EH No Yes SACW FALSE phitchen8@hotmail.com 01253826349 1253826349 members
Ivor Harding CF374JE Yes Yes CPL FALSE ivorhg@sky.com 07866489926 7866489926 members
James Ross Ze29ay Yes Yes CPL FALSE J.ross870@btinternet.com 01957722293 7501307066 members
Janet McBride ST179XZ Yes Yes Corporal FALSE janetmcbride@hotmail.com 01785253195 7519170362 members
Jeremy.   (Jerry) Gregory Ip42Pd Yes Yes sgt FALSE jeremy.gregory@ntlworld.com 01473422583 7906256890 members
Jim Milley DH4 4LZ Yes Yes Sac FALSE jimdmilley56@gmail.com 01915849827 7878315999 members
Jim Mitchell 90220 Yes Yes SAC FALSE Califhaggis@gmail.com 562-331-3719 0562-331-3719 members
john davies tf11 8by Yes Yes CPL FALSE vivdavies.davies8@googlemail.com 01952 672 015 7875569910 members
John Gilmour LU4 9JG Yes Yes Corporal FALSE rafadunstable1@btinternet.com 01582 560887 07843 348060 associatemembers 09/07/1968 E8008249
JOHN ROBERTS DN10 6QR Yes Yes FLT.SGT FALSE johnroberts47@hotmail.com 01302711916 7946032690 members
John Sullivan LA12 8AG Yes Yes Corporal FALSE sullivan3685@btinternet.com 015395 30727 7582941512 members
Karen White NR15 2SZ No No Sgt FALSE stephenogden@sky.com 01508 531080 7787933799 members
Karen Wilson TF3 2DW No No SAC FALSE jayfray18@gmail.com 01952796399 7425158486 members
Kate Allanson Yo212ae No Yes Sacw FALSE Kateallanson@btinternet.com 7532386092 members
Keith Bryce Yo16 6dz Yes Yes Sgt FALSE Kjbryce@hotmail.co.uk 01262 603486 7578499490 members
Keith Clay 99420 No No Cpl FALSE keith_clay@msn.com N/A 905338305326 members
KEITH HENMAN YO43 4AP UK Yes Yes Cpl FALSE khenman58@gmail.com 01430 861187 07904 746681 administrator 10/10/1975 250
Keith Parsonson DD9 6BT Yes Yes SAC FALSE Keithpar1@sky.com 01356624349 members
Ken Owens Ln6 7eb Yes Yes Cpl FALSE k.owens4@ntlworld.com 01522871849 1522871849 members
Kenneth Masters 89129 USA Yes Yes Warrant Officer FALSE kenatfoxco2@aol.com 011 7025151575 7028586125 members
Kenneth Robbins FY1 2QT Yes Yes Cpl FALSE kenrob123@hotmail.co.uk 07982664301 7982664301 members
Kenny Child Ip22 5rq Yes Yes Cpl FALSE kennychild61@live.co.uk 01379 652916 7791383480 members
Kenny Wishart KY147AB Yes Yes SAC FALSE kenwishart@hotmail.com 01337 827295 7732774089 members
Kim Rowland BN16 1NT Yes Yes Cpl FALSE linandkim2@yahoo.co.uk 01903 774747 07908 111105 members
Laura Meston LN11 0UF Yes Yes Cpl FALSE laurameston@icloud.com United Kingdom 7984075204 members
linda hamill DN32 0PX Yes Yes SACW FALSE laconslynn1@virginmedia.com 01472 232986 7733446441 members
Lynne Sproston 33442 Yes Yes SACW FALSE Lands2@t-online.de 04952452039 4915170074651 members
Mal Green WF9 5LY Yes Yes WO FALSE Malgreen1950@gmail.com 01977610204 7943439393 members
Malcolm Hogarth Ip124SE Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE decimomal90@btopenworld.com 02394385614 7398244202 members
Maria Constable LL65 3ES Yes Yes Civillian FALSE mariaconstable@hotmail.com 01407742202 7889819660 members
Mark Horobin Hp21 9ny Yes Yes Cpl FALSE mark.horobin@talktalk.net 01296428170 7873313865 members
Mark Taylor LN3 5BJ Yes Yes Sgt FALSE mark.taylor218@hotmail.co.uk 01522 398320 7817320946 members
Martin Cash SP48HN Yes Yes Cpl FALSE martincash910@msn.com 01980 653864 7718048945 members
Martin Elwick DN60EH Yes Yes Cpl FALSE anmarchef@aol.com 01302709971 7870283831 members
Martin Harding HP21 9JR Yes Yes Corporal FALSE Martin.harding@yahoo.co.uk 07718598986 7718598986 members
Martin Rowe PE13 5JX Yes Yes Corporal FALSE martin.angela.rowe@gmail.com 01945585290 7443929902 members
Melvyn Yewer OX10 9PZ Yes Yes Sgt FALSE m.yewer@icloud.com 01491652209 7730089187 members
Michael McEwan PH2 0BH Yes Yes Cpl FALSE m.mcewan996@btinternet.com 01738-631287 7927707780 members
Michael Vincent Tr153ep Yes Yes Sgt FALSE Mickvincent@hotmail.co.uk 01209 215585 07749 280272 members
Michelle Smith S80 2lu Yes Yes SAC(W) FALSE catsanddogs51@hotmail.com 01909476140 7592615459 members
Mike Honeysett HR4 9TQ Yes Yes SAC FALSE mike.honeysett1963@hotmail.com 01432353911 7748395548 members
Niall Baragry Cb9 0dt Yes Yes SAC FALSE Niallbaragry@talktalk.net 01440 707651 07810 741803 members
Nick Bailey KY16 0XE Yes Yes Cpl FALSE nickbailey5@hotmail.com 01334 839838 07749 690540 members
Nick Hugo Cf5 3hg Yes Yes Sac FALSE nickhugo@sky.com 02920555424 7809374881 members
Nick Robins Bs229pf Yes Yes Cpl FALSE nick208nicholas@aol.com 01934515337 7772877791 members
Paul Fell ll130sa Yes Yes Cpl FALSE savewithpaul@utilitywarehouse.org.uk 01978 358686 7927009077 members
Paul Hattersley S118SX Yes Yes SAC FALSE paul.hattersley@gmail.com 01268767396 7701319604 members
peter barfield pe4 7jn No Yes SAC FALSE pmbarfield@yahoo.com 01733 575307 7806661779 members
Peter Hitchen FY5 1EH No Yes Sergeant FALSE phitchen8@hotmail.com 01253826349 1253826349 members
Peter Smith WV7 3HR Yes Yes Corporal FALSE shanismith@hotmail.co.uk 1902374652 7773335762 members
PHILIP FRANKLIN TR165DB Yes Yes SGT FALSE philfranklin5555@gmail.com 1209483914 7595329631 members
Philip Manning BN10 7EA Yes Yes SAC FALSE manning744@btinternet.com 1273581399 772776703 members
Philip Waymont DL15 0AE Yes Yes Cpl FALSE phil_waymont1@outlook.com 1234567890 7526569946 members
Ray Jackson Yo16 6yz Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Rayjacko@hotmail.com 1262606358 7851262192 members
Rebecca Byers PR55YA Yes Yes SACW FALSE Bekibyers@Hotmail.co.uk 01772 229615 07913 689040 members
Robert Lamb 6053 Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE lamb_340@hotmail.com N/A 61450168520 members
Robert Parkinson ln23sz Yes Yes cpl FALSE roberparkinson58@gmail.com 01673 863380 7519594427 members
Robert Pearson HD96AT Yes Yes Sac FALSE Rpearson123@hotmail.co.uk 01484 359844 7854198148 members
Robert Taylor CR0 5HA Yes No W.O. FALSE sunbrewery@sky.com 7580097806 7580097806 members
robin Peters TN37 6JD Yes Yes SAC FALSE robin.peters447@btinternet.com 01424 445533 7891580653 members
Ronald Ping pe67re Yes Yes Corporal FALSE ron.ping@hotmail.co.uk 1733810960 7711659720 members Delete
Ronnie White HU10 6PS Yes Yes Sgt FALSE ron8130@gmail.com 01482 652546 7714125088 members
Roy Nelhams Nr32 4dn Yes Yes Sac FALSE Roynelhams1961@gmail.com 7460088634 7460088633 members
Russell Tobin Bn424ns Yes Yes Sac FALSE russtobin30@gmail.com 01273 881712 7530150535 members
Ruth Everest 5245AW Yes Yes sacw FALSE Ruthann.everest@gmail.com 0031 073 8515070 31617268093 members
Saeeka Rangzab LN2 4SE Yes Yes SAC FALSE sky121@live.com 1522854218 7780440196 members
Sam McTrustery LU3 2RQ Yes No CPL FALSE Sam.McTrustery@beds.ac.uk 01582 560680 7734821323 members
Samantha Williams PR25 1AQ Yes Yes SAC FALSE Sjevans40@gmail.com 01772 755196 7711082870 members Delete
Sean Salmon Sn5 6ht Yes Yes Sac FALSE w.salmon@talktalk.net 1793873633 7554423261 members
Sharon Addison Pr8 3tf Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Sharonladdison@aol.com 1704579877 7894449074 members
Simon Brown Ca25dt Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Sewb1969@gmail.com 7889176666 7889176666 members
Simon Evans LA14 3U No No Corporal FALSE sievans163@gmail.com 7932275010 7932275010 members
Simon Middleton Dl8 7be Yes Yes Cpl FALSE simonmidd@hotmail.co.uk Don't have one 7793434734 members
Simon Piper Ox169ef Yes Yes SAC FALSE firechef73@gmail.com 1295263035 7737849243 members
Stacey Wood-Everett G69 7BD No No SAC FALSE stacey.everett484@live.co.uk 7825708090 7825708090 members
Stephen Higgs 94542 Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Shiggs_us@yahoo.com 001-510-8881627 001-650-5041152 members
Steve Owen-Browne LN60FW Yes Yes WO FALSE Stevieob161@hotmail.com 1522685418 7809777202 members
Steve Pleasants SE19 2BA Yes Yes SAC FALSE stevepleasants@yahoo.com 07872 591689 07872 591689 members
Steve Wigley Hp21 7ep Yes Yes Cpl FALSE Stevepwigley@gmail.com 1296580706 7774037544 members
Steven Carroll NG17 1NL Yes Yes Corporal FALSE carroll_steven@sky.com 01623 237158 7946267788 members
Steven (Spike) Ryall NN18 8GS Yes Yes SAC FALSE Spike131071@hotmail.co.uk 01536 214480 7951229471 members
Susan Aka Polly Perkins SO45 1EW No No Cpl FALSE pollyp50@icloud.com 2380897500 7837579892 members
Terry Williams LAW 2GT Yes Yes SAC FALSE t.s.williams 61@gmail.com 0123 456789 7515750401 members
tex avery tf9 3rp Yes Yes corporal FALSE markavery3@hotmail.com 01630 656375 7886894771 members
Tim Dunbavin Ip6 8ua Yes Yes SAC FALSE timdunbavin@hotmail.co.uk 1449721900 7902547665 members
Timothy James Garbutt Pe218lt Yes Yes Cpl FALSE tgarbutt@btinternet.com 1205351688 7097797278 associatemembers TBC
Tony Wood ln4 4ta Yes Yes FS FALSE blackpool61@icloud.com 0 7957223478 members
Trevor Ridgway DL2 3HL Yes Yes SAC (Tfr to Army) FALSE trevor.ridgway@live.co.uk Nil 7787156147 members
Vaughan Cosbie-Ross MK43 0BL Yes Yes SAC FALSE vaughancpc@gmail.com 7505400528 7505400528 members
William Evans Ip31 3eq Yes Yes Cpl FALSE frankevanscatering@yahoo.co.uk 1359258373 members
William Craig Porter NE663XU Yes Yes FS FALSE craigybaby71@hotmail.com 01665  571012 7792598744 members
Yvonne Smith nee capewell Ws122gz No Yes Cpl FALSE yvonneandbobsmith@btinternet.com 1543459849 7964322527 associatemembers TBC
Kevin Green NR28 9AE Yes Yes SAC FALSE kevin.ref@mypostoffice.co.uk 01692 409129 07887 654903 members
Graham Cameron IV2 3TB Scotland Yes Yes Cpl FALSE grhamcam@uwclub.net 1463225896 members 10/10/1980 J8201320
Ron Ping PE6 7RE Yes Yes Cpl FALSE ron.ping@hotmail.co.uk 01733 810960 members 03/09/1964 V1960167
Vince Mullen KY7 6HZ United Kingdom Yes Yes SAC FALSE vince1186@hotmail.com 7946539312 members 1987 D8286811
Garrett Applin TW19 6BQ UK Yes Yes Cpl FALSE garry_applin@hotmail.com 7732704326 members 04/09/1979 Q8186539
Julie Hordon DN36 4UQ Yes Yes SACW, FALSE ladyj01@hotmail.com 9667551307915 associatemembers 31/01/1987 P8236889
Terry Williams LA3 2GT UK Yes Yes FALSE t.s.williams@gmail.com 7515750401 members 30/01/1979 D8139560
Howard (Fred) Instone_BEM 4112 New Zealand Yes Yes WO FALSE h-m-instone@xtra.co.nz NZ 06 8451088 members 14/05/1962 K1947185
David Morris Iv308up UK Yes Yes Sqn Leader FALSE d.morris411@btinternet.com 1343850411 members 14/05/1998 5206998q
Paul Paget GL3 2RQ UK Yes Yes FALSE paul.c.paget@gmail.com 7835056053 members 29/08/1978 J8174972
Samantha Williams PR25 1AQ United Kingdom Yes Yes SACW FALSE Sjevans40@gmail.com 7711082870 members 1994 C8276983
ALAN PEARCE nr6 5eb Yes Yes CPL FALSE arpearce@hotmail.com 1603335687 7561343934 members
David Hanley TRUE david.hanley@rafca.co.uk 7980287830 committee
Keith Henman FALSE khenman58@gmail.com 07904 746681 committeemember
Alistair Jones B26 2 qx Yes Yes SAC FALSE smiler1966@live.co.uk 1217430741 7787575248 members
Dave Coates TF7 5TZ United Kingdom Yes Yes SAC FALSE dave.coates771@gmail.com 1952471173 7960396471 associatemembers 14/06/1977 L8134771
robert hiles ln2 3ns england yes yes sgt FALSE bob.hiles@hotmail.co.uk n/a 7743939266 associatemembers 01/02/1963 w1948700
Gary Wintringham YO18 7NL United Kingdom FS FALSE gwintringham@hotmail.com 771813077 associatemembers D8409253
Mark Geary Pe28fn Sac FALSE m-geary@sky.com associatemembers 27/09/2017 J8425167
Sean Flannery PO12 2UP S.A.C. FALSE flantheman@live.co.uk Hants 7976356650 associatemembers 04/01/1968 D8007143
Nigel Edwards Cv33 9rb England Yes SAC FALSE edwards_N@hotmail.co.uk 7981539695 associatemembers 28/01/1981 T8204523
Nigel Edwards Cv33 9rb England Yes SAC FALSE edwards_N@hotmail.co.uk 7981539695 associatemembers 28/01/1981 T8204523
Alan Brook AB42 3AT Scotland Yes Yes SAC FALSE abrook601@hotmail.com 1779478059 7876493595 associatemembers 09/03/1976 S8129601
Dave Coates TF7 5TZ United Kingdom SAC FALSE dave.coates771@gmail.com Shropshire 7960396471 associatemembers 06/02/1977 L8134771
Stephen Cockburn OX28 3UE United Kingdom CPL FALSE cobyoby44@yahoo.co.uk associatemembers 29/08/1978 S8175045
Stephen Cockburn OX28 3UE United Kingdom CPL FALSE cobyoby44@yahoo.co.uk associatemembers 29/08/1978 S8175045
Nigel Morris Bl53gj England Yes Yes Sac FALSE nigemorris.driver@yahoo.co.uk 7766743917 7766743917 associatemembers 11/02/1990 P8412489
Alastair Stewart KW151YP UK Yes SAC FALSE allymac_stew@hotmail.com 1866878529 7590726780 associatemembers 07/05/1983 T8216486
Craig Fletcher IV30 4PA Scotland Yes Yes Sergeant FALSE craig.fletcher@outlook.com 7813533998 associatemembers 12/09/1986 E8284855
Jeff Wisden Cf54ju Uk Yes Yes Cpl FALSE jeff_wisden@ntlworld.com 2920596160 7742194993 associatemembers 06/05/1965 X1960625
Alexander Winton AB56 4TB Scotland No Yes Warrant Officer FALSE birkies@icloud.com 7753402636 associatemembers 14/02/1955 X1930553
David Hanley FALSE dazviper@sky.com 7980287830 executivemember
Keith Henman FALSE keith.henman@rafca.co.uk 7904746681 committeemember
David Hanley FALSE david.hanley@rafca.co.uk 7980287830 committeemember

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